Model in the Making

I have officially entered the world of modeling! 

I have always been asked if I was a model, or told that I should. But, I never felt like I was "fit" to be a model. At 5'2, I'm too short for the runway and I certainty don't fit the measurements of a standard print model.

However, in the age of Instagram and social media, things are rapidly changing. More body types are being accepted in the modeling world, from full-figured models to shorter models. So, I decided to give it a shot! 

I ran into a man by the name of Jeremy Wolfe, a Freelance Photographer, on Halloween (Instagram: @wolffjeremy). I was masked and in my Zorro costume. He said, "Hey I like your costume", and asked if he could shoot me, so we ended up having a cool photo session in less than 5 minutes! 

I am used to being in-front of the camera, as a Reporter. The comfortability and confidence is there, but I just needed that push to get started. Jeremy is working on building his portfolio as a Photographer/Videographer who shoots for companies, music artists,

and up-and-comers. As for me, I am always working on developing my brand, so it was a match made in heaven! 

We had our first official photo shoot last week, and there's more to come! Here are some of the amazing shots we got!

I'm still working on not tilting my head, finding more poses, and being more strong and confident. Modeling is a much tougher job than people give models credit for! 

I also have some exciting news to share! Because of Jeremy's 🔥 photos, I have already booked my FIRST runway show here in Mobile! Shoutout to the amazing Model Agent @Olymphiane for reaching out to me. She asked me to walk for "The PREMIERE II Designer Fashion Show" in March. I'm so excited! 

I wrote this blog to not only share my exciting news, but to inspire other 5'2" fashionistas with curves that you can do it too! I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way, and if I can do it,

anyone can! 

You just have to take that first step on your runway to success 💃🏽. 

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