Scenes From San Francisco Bay

If you've ever seen the movie 'Lilo and Stitch', you probably remember the scene where the cute little monster from outer space, Stitch, makes a replica of San Francisco...and then destroys it.

During the scene the adorable alien creature goes, "Eeeeeeee save me" as he destroys the infamous Golden Gate bridge.

That phrase is a running 'insider' (inside joke) between my mom and I. Until I actually VISITED the beautiful city of San Francisco, Lilo and Stitch and the infamous Golden Gate Bridge were all I knew!

Being a native Texan, I quickly learned that Bay folk don't refer to San Francisco as 'San Fran' or to Oakland as 'Oak-town'. They prefer to use the terms 'The City or "Frisco" for San Francisco, and 'The Town' for Oakland. Bae is from the Bay and he told me no one ever says 'Oak Town', "It's from the 90's and played out." Anyway, I digress...

This photo was taken in Sausalito, California where you are supposed to have the most amazing view of the Golden Gate bridge and the Bay Bridge. But as you can see in the photo, they are hidden behind the dense fog in the background! Regardless it was still such an amazing experience, and the view was still delightful.

Also, my brother Juan lives in 'The Town', so I got to see him! Funny story, yearsssss ago for my college graduation, Juan gave me like $200 to use to visit him in Oakland. In true Zora fashion I lost my wallet and someone stole the money but left the wallet. Finally,nearly 3 years later I got to see my big bubba in Oakland! (Don't mind the terrible photo! Shame on you cameraman!)

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