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Updated: Aug 18, 2020

For the last 5 years I have taken Halloween as an opportunity to play pretend and be my all-time favorite Artist, Beyoncé.

Call me crazy, call me obsessed...truth is, I probably am. But who doesn't love Queen Bey?

It seems like each year more people are dressing up as different versions of Bey, from Formation Yoncé to Lemonade Bey, and now BEYCHELLA Yoncé.

Here are my Beyoncé looks that I have gathered over the years, from the most recent costume to my first time ever imitating the Queen.

Beychella (Halloween 2018)

The ICONIC opening costume for Coachella.

Queen Bey channeling none other than Queen Nefertiti with a Drum Major twist.

Beyoncé wore this costume for the opening of Coachella Weekend 1.

The Queen took our breath away when she took the Coachella stage this year. What an entrance!

This year I almost didn't dress up as the Queen. I thought that maybe, at 27 years old it was time to hang it up. So, I opted for something different and chose to be Cardi B.

But, after a few requests for the Queen....Zeyoncé came back by popular demand.

So, I made the costume in 3 hours ON HALLOWEEN day. I re-created the look using some gear from Spirit of Halloween and Hobby Lobby.

Once it was done, I kicked off my night surprising none other than Gordon Macraye, President of the BeyHive at his job, ULTA.

Mommy Yoncé:

Rumi & Sir's 1st Halloween. (Halloween 2017)

Beyonce became the mother of two adorable twins this year, Rumi and Sir Carter.

She revealed the first adorable photo of the twins via her Instagram page with the caption...

"Sir Carter and Rumi, 1 month today."

In true Bey fashion, she was adorned in a flowy purple, pink, and baby blue garment, while surrounded by a beautiful flower arrangement.

Putting this look together was lots of fun and didn't take much work. The HARDEST part was finding a flowy dress/coat similar to the one she was wearing. I was able to find something similar at 'Dirt Cheap', a second hand store in Mobile.

The baby blue veil was made using a tulle-like material from Hobby Lobby and wig clips.

Remember when your brothers and sisters would tell you that mom bought you at the store?

Well, in fact, Rumi & Sir were purchased at Target.

(I plan on donating the baby dolls to kids in need this holiday season).

I made sure one was obviously a girl (with the pink bow) and the other a boy. Look at the expression on their faces HA!!

I scored the cute bottoms at the nearest Goodwill!

I'm all about saving money when putting together costumes.

After all it's only for one day!

Formation Yoncé:

"Okay Ladies Now Let's Get in Formation " (Halloween 2016)

This look was ICONIC!

When you see the large brimmed black hats you know it's time to get in 'Formation'.

Beyoncé snatched everyone's wig when she and her dancers hit the stage wearing these hats during the Formation World Tour.

I actually won 2nd place in a costume contest with this costume!

I put this look together myself as a DIY Halloween project. First I ordered a black long-sleeved leotard on Amazon. I went to Michael's where I bought a shimmery mesh material for the tutu and black buttons.

The tights I found at the nearest beauty supply store...and voila...I was in Formation! This costume took a

lot of sewing and creativity, but it was the most fun to put together. I wish I had a bigger hat, but it is what it is. Each year I get better and better!

Feeling Myself Yoncé:

Bow Down B*%#&^$ (Halloween 2015)

Bey and I share an affinity for some of the same sports teams. (Go Bulls & Rockets!) So when Queen Bey wore this Chicago Bulls D. Rose #1 onesie, I had to get one!

I ordered this bad boy on Amazon. Now, being on TV and all, I have to keep it conservative...and I couldn't walk the streets in a leotard alone, so I paired it with some cuttoffs and a plaid button-down shirt wrapped around my waist to complete the look. This look is sort-of a combination of two Bey looks from 2015.

The Bulls one-piece is what she wore in the Feelin' Myself music video and the plaid wrap was a play off of the Mrs. Carter World Tour costume she used when she performed 'Flawless - I woke up like this'.

Nonetheless, people quickly knew who I was, and if they didn't, they assumed I was D Rose, which is also okay, because Derrick Rose is bae 😍.

Foxxy Cleopatra: (Halloween 2014)

"And I'm a whole lotta woman sugga!"

Who hasn't seen the blaxploitation film 'Austin Powers in Goldmember'?

If you haven't, you're a "Jive Turkey" and need to get with the times.

One of the most recognizable characters in the movie was Foxxy Cleopatra...and she was "a wholeee lotta woman sugga!"

This was one of Beyoncé's first movie roles. So, as I embarked on what would soon become a Beyonce Halloween tradition, I had to pay homage to a character that helped shape much of Bey's acting career.

I was living in Austin, TX at the time and there is this incredible store on South Congress called "Lucy in Disguise". That's where I got the clown wig and my blinged-out, psychedelic thigh-high boots.

The dress was an old gown I wore to my Junior prom. I cut it and made it into a mini dress.

As always, Halloween night is freezing cold, so I wore a lightweight cover-up.

I wish the wig was more brown, but due to my last-minute costume making, this was the last Afro wig in the store.

You can't be a foxy diva without some big hoop earrings.

I guess I pulled this one off well, because everyone loved my costume that year!


A few years before that I was Single Ladies Beyoncé but I cannot find the photos anywhere!!! I did not execute that look like I had wanted, because no-one knew who I was that year. #FAIL

I tried to be 'Single Lady Bey' my Sophomore year of college.

One day these pics will surface and I will share.

For yearsssss I have been trying to go as Destiny's Child, but no one ever wants to be Michelle #PoorMichele.

Whether you think I'm "Crazy in Love" with Bey or just straight up "Obsessed", just know that I keep doing Beyoncé every year because it's fun for me, and I think it's hilarious.

Will I do it next year? You will just have to wait and Bey...I mean see 😉

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