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It’s a tough life being a Journalist. Moving every 2 years, maybe less, maybe more. Getting paid little to nothing to pry into others lives after a tragedy. But there are also some "highs" where you are the first person there on the best day of someone’s life!

Staying up after late nights (or in my case, early mornings), running on little sleep. Just to get up the next morning and do it all over again. It may sound horrible, or pretty normal to some. Either way it goes, I wouldn’t change my job for the world.

Those who make it in this business, often yearn to score a job close to home. While others go bigger and better. We all dream big and everyone’s path is different, but for me, it was time to come home.

At a certain age you realize what’s of value to you. For me, it has always been my family and close friends. So two jobs and nearly four years later, I came home. My first experience ever being away from home was the day I went off to college in August of 2010. I went to UTSA, right here in San Antonio. ROWDY!

I came to UTSA for college, eventually landing an internship at Fox 29 in San Antonio. Who knew one day I’d be back at that same station? This time as a PAID employee? 😅

The last three or so years had been grueling. Most “journos” can attest to those tearful nights. Being super broke, up to your neck in bills, frustrated that your work day was tough, the hours were long and tiring, or that a viewer said something about you. It’s definitely a career that forces you to grow in all facets of life. As a very “green” caterpillar,🐛 you work hard, learning all you can, and eventually you bloom into a well-seasoned butterfly. You work your way up in one market to become the newby in the next one.

One thing I have always done, is set my mind on a goal and achieve it. Three years ago my goal was to come home. Two years ago, I may not have deserved it or earned it, but now, it was finally time. Living just an hour away from family in Austin, I can now call San Antonio my home again.

My first job ever was in Midland/Odessa, TX where I worked my way up from a General Assignments Reporter (which means you cover any and everything) to a weekend Anchor, and finally the Morning Anchor of NewsWest 9 Sunrise.

I woke up the Permian Basin every morning bringing them information that mattered to them. This was my toughest two years. As a new News Reporter, your first job feels like being with a bunch of crabs in a barrel. Everyone trying to get to the top. This is the “Character Building” stage. But, there’s a beauty in being at your lowest low. Because in that very moment, you realize that “there’s only up from here”. In that time I met some of my best lifelong friends, that I couldn’t live without. They know who they are 💕. The Mobile chapter was interesting to say the least. Before taking the job, I had originally applied back home in Austin and San Antonio. Heck, I even applied in New Orleans. After almost scoring two jobs of the thousand jobs that I applied for, I didn’t score not one! I always say that finding a job in news is like being single and working the dating scene. You get a lot of rejection or you get courted and it “just didn’t work out”. But then comes along the biggest fish in the sea, and it comes when you weren’t looking. That “fish” was Mobile, Alabama. As Aaliyah said, “Dust yourself off and try again”. So I did!

In Mobile, I met some of the most amazing people, had the best co-workers, and told some amazing stories. This was the “Growing Pains” phase as my mentor Constance Jones would say. I learned so much there and I grew even more. I grew like a wild sunflower. 🌻 More in tune with myself, my purpose, and my spirituality. Although there were some rough patches, I always came out stronger and more aware.

Today I am so blessed to once again call San Antonio my home. I guess the moral of this story is that, goals or dreams don’t always come when you want them. Most times, you’ve got to work for them. Speak it into existence. You WILL encounter some hard times and low times. But, a little persistence and perseverance will take you a long way.

I’m currently home, and happier than ever. The funny thing about life is, your story never goes unwritten or un-finished. So, stay tuned.

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