'Denim on Denim' Never Dissappoints

Denim on denim never goes out of style! Especially when you pull it off just right. It's a look that can effortlessly transition from season to season. Oversized jackets are also very 'in season' and my little secret for finding the perfect oversized jacket is by shopping in the men's section.

Wait? The men's section? Yes girl. The men's section.

I feel like men's jackets have better material, more mature styles, and are overall cuter than some of the options they have for women. Get the smallest men's size you can find that fits your body type (for me it was Small). The sleeves will be a little long, but that's part of the look, so don't fret!

This super cute ripped denim jacket can be found at Rue 21 (in the men's section)! It's also on discount so it only cost me $15. (I nearly screamed)

My bag is the Jet Set Leather cross-body bag in patent leather nude by Michael Kors.

Add some ripped denim jeans (they don't have to be the same color) and a cute casual heel, and your good to go.

It's the best look for wanting to be cute but not doing too much.

I like a dark lip when I rock denim, so I used one of my favorite drugstore brands NYX Butter lipstick in 'Lifeguard'. It legit rolls on like butter!

My theory is that anyone can pull off denim clothing and red lipstick, no matter your skin tone, style, height, or body type.

Oh yea and..."hey new hair" 👋🏾. I'll be doing a hair blog soon so be on the lookout for that.

Hope you enjoyed this casual "Satur-slay"!

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